OSXFH Parallels High Sierra

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OSXFH Parallels High Sierra

Post by frederick »

Long time mac user of FreeHand fx11.

I have Parallels “desktop 17” installed on an iMac currently running High Sierra 10.13.6.

My other critical working apps require 10.6.8

I frequently get emailed Parallel upgrade notices and am concerned by following them I will create problems in FreeHand or my other 10.6.8 apps.

Can you help me out please and let me know if it’s safe to allow the Parallels upgrades?


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Re: OSXFH Parallels High Sierra

Post by lovejoy »

We’ve constantly upgraded our OSX’s and computers and have encountered no issues.

Our current work stations run OSX Ventura 13.5.1 with Parallels V19 and it is smoother than ever.

Ventura has the new Universal Control software built in that provides for easy linking of computers, iPads, etc.. to one control unit (keyboard/mouse/trackpad).
Our latest workstation setups are 2 iMacs side by side (and iPad as needed), all linked with shared keyboard and mouse. One iMac is a new M1 24" - the other a 27" Intel running Ventura/Parallels/OSXFH(Snow Leopard).

The effect on workflow is amazing as we can drag/drop copy/paste between the 2 different computers by simply moving the mouse from one computer screen to the next. Graphic intensive software and communication programs run on the M1 iMac. FH full screen on the 27" iMac.
We also upgraded all our older Intel iMacs to max RAM as it is very cheap at the moment. (32Gb for $80- as of this writing)

We would recommend update your OSX to the newest Possible for your computer.
Get as much additional RAM installed as the computer can use. (Ram is extremely cheap at the moment)
With the additional RAM upgrade Parallels to a Desktop PRO version and allocate the guest (snow leopard) a healthy amount of the RAM.

Swan Surveys

Links about universal access below


https://www.macworld.com/article/152426 ... -macs.html
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Re: OSXFH Parallels High Sierra

Post by gudrunanna »

Hi all
I accidentally upgraded to Parallel desktop 19. Now I can not open illustrator files in Freehand any more. I have tried to install parallel desktop again but now my login does not work. Do you know what to do?
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