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Quasado Gravit

Extended Path Features

Your input for Quasado's FreeHand alternative Gravit (formerly known as Expressive or Stagestack)

Extended Path Features

Postby quasado » Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:03 am


We'd like to hear your opinion about an extended path feature we're currently working on. The idea is to be able to smoothly round / bevel edges within any kind of path. There're two ways to do it:

1) By introducing a new style (vector effect) that rounds edges on a given path with a certain size (though size is equal to all edges). This is equal to what InDesign does.

2) By introducing a new type of node where you can specify the rounding factor for each node completely individually.

Which way would you prefer or even having both?

Furthermore, do you have any more ideas for extending path editing capabilities to allow for smoother design experience?

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Re: Extended Path Features

Postby Donald DBXL » Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:38 pm

Maybe both would be the best for all
I see 1 as the quick way to make rounded edges on all cornerpoints of a path. I assume one will be able to specifiy the amount of rounding here as well?
to be able to specify rounding for every point of a path seems not like something i would use a lot. but sometimes can be neccessary.
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Re: Extended Path Features

Postby FFH Thü » Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:33 pm

This sounds like a cool feature. Not something essential at the beginning of course. Then later it might be an option for defining all edges rounding by the same amount and later offer even individual roundings. Finally, the total flexibility of having them both.
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Re: Extended Path Features

Postby matt » Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:49 am

You should look at Xara as its Shspe Builder tool is very cool.

However, I agree there are more basic things needed before going for extended features like this.
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Re: Extended Path Features

Postby gusto » Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:32 am

You are brave for trying to recreate all the features of Freehand. Some of the Freehand things I use most:
• I like to paste bitmap images directly into the console, so I can use the trace tool upon them. It doesn't make a good trace, but I find it's perfect for making complex shapes which I can then recolor and warp with the lens tool to make paint-brush looking effects, great for splatter and rough shading.
• the fisheye lens, I find is useful for warping shapes for convex and concave appearences
• the 3D rotation tool, I find is very intuitive. all it takes is one click + drag and you have a 3D plane, far better than Illustrator.
• attach text to path, convert text to vector is a must for typography design
• the bend tool is a neat thing, for making quick cloud shaped word bubbles in comics, or drag in the opposite direction for spiked splatter looking shapes. it's real intuitive too, just one click+drag
• the graphic hose for repeated stamping design, + the option to make custom hoses by pasting in shapes/bitmaps I use often in Freehand
• calligraphy strokes and brush strokes on paths, I think you know about Freehand, +the ability to customize brushes with simple sliders or making your own brushes.
• I find the gradient fill in Freehand is way more intuitive than Illustrator; all you have to do is drag colors from the mixer, and drag the handles on the fill.
• apart from the roughen effect, there is also a roughen tool that's real easy to use. just 1 click+drag like the bend tool. I like to just slightly roughen with the bend tool to quickly add lots of points along a shape and then use the bend tool to warp it.
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Re: Extended Path Features

Postby saschabierl » Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:23 pm

Please have a look at the Illustrator Plugins by Astute Graphics: Vectorscribe and Drawscribe. It provides a lot of state of the art features, also concerning rounded edges - you can edit round corners on any point numerical or by hand at any stage of your work. These and alls the possibilities of Freehand plus your ideas combined would be perfect. Additionally I would love to have the power of the Phantasm CS Plugin, again by Astute, providing all the color correction tool of Photoshop (hue, saturation, levels, color-curves etc.) directly applied on your vector shapes!!!
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