Installing MX on Windows 10

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Installing MX on Windows 10

Post by NRichoux »

New computer with Windows 10. Installed MX which appeared to be successful. Used the serial number from Adobe.

Trying to open a file transferred from Windows 7. Selected different fonts and printers which I expected since they aren't installed. The file will not open, just a blue circle spinning and "not responding".

Any suggestions?
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Re: Installing MX on Windows 10

Post by CODE343 »

Watching this topic with interest, as I am in the process of buying a new laptop, and need to ensure whatever I buy, works faultlessly with Freehand MX.

Hope you manage to get thew issue sorted, NRichoux.
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Re: Installing MX on Windows 10

Post by omie12 »

Did you ever figure out what the problem was in opening the file?
I know I am running FH MX on my new Dell XPS 13" laptop no probs at all, and not having issues opening any of my old FH files from my windows 7 desktop.
At first a few custom fonts disappeared like two times but after reinstalling them twice they 'stuck' and have not had a problem since. It's been very smooth sailing on windows 10 Home edition for me with FH 11. I use a Wacom pen and tablet to the side.
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