FreeHand MXa and Windows 10

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FreeHand MXa and Windows 10

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Im using x64 Windows 7, and the Steam version of X3:TC works fine. I simply had to set X3TC.exe and TagesClient.exe to Run as an administrator in the Compatibility settings, and let Tages rerun the activation.

Edit: Never mind that edit.

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Re: FreeHand MXa and Windows 10

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I have moved from my windows 7 desktop to a new windows 10 laptop and I wanted to post an UPDATE here in case it is of use to anyone wandering along here:

It's now Sept 27 2020. Sept last year (2019) I bought a Dell XPS 13" laptop with windows 10 Home, and hooked to it a dock and into the dock is plugged a large monitor, also a new Wacom pen and tablet. Also have a Surface style Microsoft bluetoooh keyboard to use when I want a larger keyboard with a numbers pad etc.
FreeHand MX works GREAT on windows 10! It's working even better than it did for eight years on my windows 7 desktop.
So, if you want to run Freehand 11 on a BRAND NEW computer you could use the windows FH version and run it on a win10 'pro' or 'home' OS. This is also handy to know if you just need to open older FH files and can't keep an ancient Mac with SnowLeopard around anymore.
But... I'm doing ALL my daily work on FH now on my sweet little Dell XPS 13" laptop. It's running like a CHAMP for me and of course FH is free. I hoping to keep FH MX going for another 4 or 5 years until I retire.
FreeHand forever! :D
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