A new Vector App for Mac and Linux

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A new Vector App for Mac and Linux

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A new graphics App clean and simple is not quite FreeHand but quite good at simple no frills graphics for both Mac and Linux (no Windows). Its 64 bit runs on most versions of Ubuntu and modern Macs, although not tested). So worth a look if your work is more Browser based (SVG graphics) than print. Includes PDF support and it can import PDF and several common graphic and picture formats. So it should import FreeHand files if saved as ‘pdf’ format for example. No layers though. Limited but nice interface. And has FONT options (no font to outline but an interesting text along path tool among several features).

I am still testing it (and it is easy to use with a nice simple layout not unlike FreeHand Mx) If on Mac (Requires macOS 10.15.0 or later). So should work on Mac os Catelina and others.


It has a Web version, Mac version (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/boxy-svg/id611658502)
Also Linux which I am testing at the moment, so will test and compare. So far no bugs to report and seems font friendly so far on my machine. This may work for some of us old FreeHand users for simple graphics looking at a low cost alternative that looks familiar.
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Re: A new Vector App for Mac and Linux

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I'm still using FreeHandMX under Parallels and sending the FH files to Affinity Designer in OSX. I just looked at Boxy and it looks great for creating clean vectors — especially in SVG format(which FreeHand does not do.)
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