My guilt and confession

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My guilt and confession

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Having used Freehand and Flash for seven years now,I have never owned a legal copy.My financial status has never been that kind to me.That being said I would like to ensure all my Freehand brethren compensation will be met.I believe credit must be given where it is due and concerning Freehand and Flash,I know it is long over due.Among other I do believe Photoshop falls under almost the same category.I say almost,because as much as I love Photoshop,Freehand has a much bigger place in my heart and Adobe wanted to take it away from me.

The following statement is from Wikipedia.I'm sure everyone here has read it,but for those who haven't,please read carefully! "In a 2008 interview with Senior Product Manager of Illustrator, Terry Hemphill, he told FreeHand users: “FreeHand is not going to be revived; time to move on, really. The Illustrator team is making a determined effort to bring the best of FreeHand into Illustrator, which should be evident from some of the new features in CS4."

I remember reading this and feeling mad as hell.His arrogance and lack of respect to the Freehand community and our beloved program is evident from the first word.

Have I ever tried Illustrator? No. Have I even seen it? No. Will I ever consider it in the future? Hell no!My promise I'm making today is to pay Adobe their money for Freehand,Flash and Photoshop. But as far as Illustrator is concerned,I refuse to use it. If need be,I will draw pictures with my bare hands. Mr.Hemphill,as Cartman from South Park would say,"You can suck my balls."

Keep fighting the good fight guys.You have all my respect and I wish you only the best!

I almost forgot to add,I'll be buying two copies of Freehand. One will be just the serial and the other will obviously be a packaged distribution(Which I will never open. Just showcased for all to see! :D
"Respek en disipliene"(Afrikaans for "Respect and discipline)
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