Free FreeHand Blog: The complete list (updated)

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Free FreeHand Blog: The complete list (updated)

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Presenting the complete list of topics from Free FreeHand's Blog since it began in Fall of 2009. Many members have not read these or are unaware that our Blog exists so these are listed beginning with the most recent articles. As new articles are written, this list will be updated. Enjoy:

Published articles about the FreeHand lawsuit
FreeHand users sue Adobe for ‘killing’ the application | Macworld
Illustrator monopoly class action lawsuit | Topclassactions, ... ... d-lawsuit/

Free FreeHand Files Antitrust Lawsuit against Adobe Systems, Inc.
Free FreeHand has filed a civil antitrust complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Adobe Systems, Inc. ... stems-inc/

The Dark Side of Adobe
”Adobe needs to change dramatically to keep thriving.” “Company surviving due to past success – no new innovation.” “Riding past successes, hopefully continues to survive, pretends to be progressive but is actually fairly insular.” “Once a great company, now on decline.” ... -of-adobe/

We have created an official Facebook page, so you can refer your Facebook friends (who are users of FreeHand) to a place – they hopefully end up registering as a member at

New Forum
We are pleased that we have now our own solution, based on the opensource phpBB and hosted on our own server.

Why On Earth FreeHand?
Many thousands of FreeHand users have spent the past few years wondering whether the product has a future and hoping that, one day, Adobe will either resume development or release the code to enable another party to step in and take over development of this excellent application. ... -freehand/

FreeHand bug and feature list
FreeFreeHand collects now all the known bugs and feature requests. ... ture-list/

Fear, Loathing and the Illusion of Adobe
Every day we sit down at our desks and face a gigantic company that holds sway over the tools we use to make a living. ... -of-adobe/

FFH becomes non-profit organization
Free FreeHand has successfully formed as a U.S. non-profit corporation, UBI Number 603-018-016. ... anization/

1000 cards
We have sent nearly 1000 postcards to Adobe, and this, together with many more steps to come, will sure make a lasting impression on them. ... 000-cards/

A great story, but did we mean it?
Today begins with two articles, or rather one that can be found on two sites, those being Macworld UK and PC Advisor UK. ... e-mean-it/

What we say about Adobe Illustrator CS5
Even with some nice features added, an old lame dinosaur is... just and old lame dinosaur. ... rator-cs5/

Postcard Blitz Mailer Inspiration
We’ve had some really stellar work come in from Free FreeHand members. ... spiration/

This announcement is our most important message to you for saving FreeHand and giving it a Future. ... -or-never/

Addressing the European Commission
In January we sent an information letter to the vice president of the European Commission, after which we got informed that commissioner Joaquin Almunia (originally from Spain) will look into it. ... ommission/

We are happy to announce that we have reached the number of 5000 members a short time ago.

Miembros de España: Firman la petición
En nombre de, los fundadores han enviado un informe sobre el monopolio de Adobe y la situácion de FreeHand a la Comisión Europea. ... -peticion/

In recognition that Adobe FreeHand remains a widely-used vector application that continues to be an essential tool of professional studios and artistic endeavors, our mission is to ensure that Adobe acknowledges this fact and agrees to cooperate in our efforts to ensure FreeHand’s ongoing viability. ... statement/

Donations incoming
Last night we sent out our personal letter to each of you and in the meantime we have already more then doubled the total donation amount. ... -incoming/

Adobe CS5 is coming
We have already heard from beta-testers who have seen CS5 in action. ... is-coming/

Receiving donations
Free is now collecting donations in order to help realize our goals. ... donations/

Welcome Turkce
We have added a Turkish translation of our homepage.

Author Sandee Cohen on Free FreeHand
“A while back I said that the feelings of the FreeHand user regarding switching to Illustrator was “total war.” Unfortunately Illustrator swept through the battlefield and beat out the competition.” ... -freehand/

Happy New Year for FreeHand?
I wouldn’t want December 31, 2009 to roll into a new decade without saying SOMETHING about what we’ve done and what’s to come. ... -freehand/

FreeHand still widely used
Some of our members told us that FreeHand is widely used in some countries of Southamerica. ... dely-used/

Newsletter archive
We have now set up an archive for the newsletter, because some of you did not get it by email. ... r-archive/

FreeHand and Mac OS X 10.6.2
We have now gathered some informations about possible problems with FreeHand on Snow Leopard. ... -x-10-6-2/

We’ve reached over 3000 members
Shortly after we sent out our first newsletter on Oct. 28. we have reached 3000 members. ... 0-members/

The Experiment
If we don’t experiment, we don’t find answers. This is one reason I love using FreeHand: so easy to experiment and explore different directions, fluidly and quickly. ... xperiment/

Imagine You’re A Carpenter
As a carpenter, you have relied on the tools of your trade to make a sustainable living for many years. You’ve maintained your tools and stayed current with the latest advances in order to stay competitive. ... carpenter/

Twitter and YouSaidIt
FreeFreeHand is getting the ball rolling in the world of online social media. ... yousaidit/

Radio interview on TechNight Owl
Gene Steinberg from the TechNightOwl interviewed one of our founding members, Bez Palmer. ... llo-world/
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