Solution for Silicon Mac M1

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Solution for Silicon Mac M1

Post by FFH Thü »

A user sent us an information for a configuration to run Freehand MX on Apple Silicon Mac M1
(FreeHand MX running on Mac OS Tiger with QEMU)

We have not tested it ourself yet. Please if you do it, let us know about your experience.
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Re: Solution for Silicon Mac M1

Post by Handsfree »

Interesting option to choose. I am using SOSUMI and QUEMU to run a Mac os system (and I have run TIGER in virtual but prefer another method). It will work and its damn fast but I found QEMU blocks certain ports (such as USB) and I could not 'update' the Tiger os at all. Another problem was that I could not easily change the default (small) screen size to another easily. I had to hack SOSUMI and QEMU and Apple os (via terminal) to get a better Mac size screen I can work with on my iMac 27 inch. ... tosh-ever/

So I use TIGER on an external PPC now. And I can run TIGER virtual but prefer the Mac ppc, running a few tweaks to make it look and run better. This may be useful to some of our readers, still using TIGER (or Leopard) os.

But finally I still maintain and old G5 PPC on a home network using all of the TIGER updates below which keeps my FONTS and systems intact. But for me, having done it on QEMU, customising it to how you like it is going to be tricky. So I keep an old Mac ppc updated to look as if its Mac Sierra. Tweaked for speed. It runs almost as fast as a modern mac. Not the M2 though!

(1) Change the TIGER look.
(2) Trim the excess fat
(3) Tiger reborn. Total update.
(4) Run Leopard os (Total makeover)
(5) Update Browser:
(6) Update APPS
(7) Wine Bottle it. As much as I hate Windows PC's
I still occasionally use a virtual PC to edit Freehand files.

I can only dream of owning an M2, and I suspect that we could run the entire TIGER os in a Browser window before long. This is an example of what could be done, although I wonder if its worth the trouble.
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