Gravit goes Pro

All about creating a new vector graphics application based on FreeHands features
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Gravit goes Pro

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Gravit is making a big move toward a pro/native desktop app after years of being online-only app. Announcement today has a lot of potential to bring back what the old Stagestack promised. Read this:
Gravit is currently going through a wide array of fundamental changes to its existing system that we are extremely excited about. After we tell you, we hope that you will be excited for these additions as well and will assist us in building the greatest design tool available. Updates that are in the short-term future of Gravit will be native applications across various platforms, standard & pro versions of Gravit, designers will soon be able to connect to their cloud storage using Dropbox and Google Drive and the removal of the existing back-end & cloud functionalities within Gravit.

Much more here: ... .x9t25ftso

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